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100% Real Quality Mink Lashes

The secret to long, beautiful eyelashes isn’t just any pair of falsies. To achieve that natural look, you have to consider the material the lashes are made of. So if you’re searching for the perfect eyelashes, trust Glitz Lash Bar to have your back!

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On the hunt for high-quality mink eyelashes? You don’t have to look any further with Glitz Lash Bar. Check out our online shop for the products we offer and place an order today!

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At Glitz Lash Bar, you have a wide array of top-of-the-line mink lashes to choose from. Pick the product that suits your needs the most. We are confident that you will find a pair with the right density and design you desire. For more details, contact us today by phone or email.
If you want to take your lash experience to the next level, we highly suggest that you try the 3D mink lashes offered by Glitz Lash Bar. Unlike classic lashes, the 3D variant provides a fuller lash line that looks fluffy and soft. This also maintains the health and quality of your natural lashes.

Our Mission

We take great pride in providing our customers with top-grade, 100% real mink lashes that will help you achieve the look you want!