About Us

Glitz Lash Bar is a lash company that specializes in providing 100% real mink lashes. It was founded by Adria Green, who has worn false lashes for more than 17 years. While looking for the best product, she has come across all styles, lengths, and brands of lashes. Trying to achieve the best natural hollywood look on a budget, she also had her share of disappointments. The lashes were either too thick or too long. Not to mention sometimes they were even too stiff, too shiny or too thin. The list goes on. However, she also had some lashes that were just right and that gave her the look she desired. So, while creating Glitz Lash Bar, those experiences helped us with providing you with nothing but our very best!

Why Choose Us

We stand by our products and their quality which is why we wear them, too! We’ve been wearing lashes for many years so we know which ones are well-made or not. 

With our experience, we carefully consider all the aspects that go into creating our products. A list of dos and don’ts help us provide customers with the best of the best!

Don’t like chunky, unnatural-looking lashes that weigh down the eyelids? Hate lashes that have stiff and thick bands? You don’t have to worry when you purchase our mink lashes. Shop at our store today and see what difference our products make!

Benefits of Glitz Lashes

  • They are great products which are made from %100 real mink.
  • They have a thin but flexible band which help to achieve a natural look.
  • You can wear them multiple times.
  • They are soft to the touch.
  • Eyelash cases are included.